Who Needs Love When You Have Lust?

The current object of my attention is a delightful and delicious guy. He lives across the country and will probably never break down and visit me. He likes to tease and torment the chicks, and I can spend hours talking to him. And he leaves me hanging every chance he gets, so that I never forget how things are with us. Not like there is an "us," but you get the idea.
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2 Responses Oct 12, 2006

Girlhedonist, there is a lot to be said about lust. I think the prolonged agony is just as good as the actual fulfillment of the deed.

I really want to help you out with your thread, GirlHedonist, but "l*st" is a four letter word, and I don't use 4 letter words. Here are just a few of the 4 letter words I don't use: Love, Kind, Give, Clam, Hope, Lick, ****, and Kiss.