It's My Life Basically

I've been in a band since sixth grade. I've been a 'part' of my high school marching band since my brother joined his freshman year [he's three years older]. I loved that band! They did a Pirates of the Caribbean show, they did a 13th hour show with music from Van Helsing, and Harry Potter. Then that band director left, and the one after that left after his first two seasons. Last year we did an awesome show called Angels and Demons. It had a song from the Scorpions in it! It was the new band director's first year, but the old director's ideas. This year seems like its falling apart... but let's get back to the happy =P

I play the tenor saxophone in marching band. I converted once the old band director shunned my marching with a bass clarinet =P. In my opinion, we are the closest section, and the one that has the most awesome fun during practice. But we work hard too. In fact, we have a 'no neckstrap' policy until we play and march.

At my school, band and football are rivals, but I think that's common. However, the marching band wins a lot more often than the football team. [Of course, that was before we moved up a class... x_x] It's almost funny listening to the football team's thoughts on the band. They once asked us why we have to warm up... I laughed so hard.

I love my section! I love marching band! I'm pretty sure it's the reason I am who I am. It gave me discipline, and character. It also helped my social life. There is no way any other 'click' in school can be as close as we are.
Kagit Kagit
18-21, F
Jul 29, 2007