A Hole In the Show

I started my junior year the same way I had started my two previous school years, getting ready to prep for musical season and concentrating on my school work, kinda. After settling into the school yet again, it came to my attention that there was a "hole in the marching band."

So, naturally, the band set out to seek a replacement. After a while, the proposition eventually came to me. And after a week of persuasion with myself and my mom, I joined the marching band as a Flugal. We were a five person section and we had the time of our lives. They accepted me in as one of their own, as if I had been there all along.

During last year's band season was when I first really came alive. I was around people that I could always laugh and count on them to support me through rough times. They were true friends. A bond that only we can share. It all seemed to be a dream come true. And then, I met a guy. A guy whom I dated for 7 months, my longest relationship, who, although we broke up and hardly talk, was truly a great guy to me, allowing me to become who I am today.

So after all the sucess we endured during last season, naturally I wanted to join up again this year. However, I never actually learned to properly play any of the band instruments, let alone the flugal, so my parents disreguarded my wants and refused. I, naturally, was devestated. As stupid as it may sound, band really did bring the life in me out. It helped me discover who I really am and who I want to be. Its more than playing music while marching around a feild, its the connection with the music, the movement and the group as a whole. If on person is half a step off, it just isn't the same. The effect it had on me was monumental.

I became a part of the band, and they took me in. Most of my friends are within the band, so this year when there was a hole, before announcing it to the larger crowd, the band director pulled together an elite few who knew me and set out to give me first dibs and convince me and my parents to let me join. And they finally agreed that it is my choice.

So here I am. My first day back, and I feel better than ever. I can only anticipate all the joys, laughs, and great times that are ahead of me.

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1 Response Aug 14, 2007

Wow, how amazing...my own marching band story is really similar to yours. I joined it my sophomore year because I'd met people in it, and I did that against the wishes of my parents, but through that I made yet more friends, dated guys, and otherwise had the time of my life. Now I'm back for my second season.