Im Lost

help me! im so alone. i have nobody that feels like a real friend to me. all of my "friends", they pay no attention to me and never notice me. i sit by myself in the mornings before school. at lunch i hide in the bathroom. many days i run home as soon as the bell rings so i wont have to walk with everybody else.

i do have a boyfriend, who is amazing, but we have to be really secretive. his mom hates me, so we had to tell everyone we broke up so that word doesnt get around. but we still are, just we cant show it. but because of this, he can never be there for me at school when im crying or lonely. im not even sure he would be there for me even if we were together. hes friends with everybody, so... i guess im not a big priority for him. if anyone can help me.....................i need it.

btw im NOT 20ish. im in 7th grade.
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Fɩɾىt ɷʆ ʆųck ʏɷųɾ bʆ mɷm 2 I kŋɷw ɧɷw ʏɷų ʆҽҽɭ bųt ɾҽmҽmbҽɾ ىɷɷŋҽɾ ɷɾ LAtҽɾ ʏɷųɭɭ ʆɩŋɖ ʏɷųɾ ʆɾɩҽŋɖى 😘😘😘😘😘🙌🙅🙇🙆🙆:-D hugs

Me too . I am lonely ... I'm here

This is the same story for me! You are not alone... If you ever need someone to talk to I am here