Yes, But Not For Too Much Longer.

I am in my twenties, but not for too much longer. I have less than two years left. I'm 28 now & am terrified to be 30. I haven't had much of a youth & now it's pretty much over. I dread turning 30, especially if my life is still the way it is now. I'm not afraid to be old, but I am afraid to not be young. 28 is still considered somewhat young by a lot of people, but 30 isn't. 30 is totally different. I'm terrified of being 30.
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The reason it matters, in my case, is because of how people will view me. People in my life already view me negatively & the older I get, the more negatively I get viewed. So turning 30 will be a turning point & make things much worse for me in that department.

Same here. 28 and dreading the big 3-0. It's a psychological threshold more than anything, but still...It's hard knowing your best years are behind you. <br />
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How about this...Age is about mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter :) Realistically, what is going to change when you hit 30? To the cosmos, it will be a day like any other. No fireworks, no opening of the heavens, no huge Level Up sign popping over your head. Mind you, I'm trying to convince you as much as I'm trying to convince myself, but if you don't think about it, it shouldn't matter anymore. How about this; if the numbers 3 and 0 scare you, try giving your age in binary or some other system :)

It is not that bad,however I had to admit I thought similar when I hit 40 has come and gone,crikey where do the yrars go?