I Am 21.

I just turned 21 and today could not be any different than my past 20 birthdays. It isn't a big deal when it comes to my special day. I don't expect anything big. Just a simple birthday wish will suffice. For me it's just another ordinary day but one which i have turned a year older. I couldn't be concerned either if anyone forgot. I forgot my own birthday last year. Only remembered when i checked my facebook page and saw wishes from friends and family. I'm a simple person and i enjoy just a simple thought.
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They're not as fun as they used to be 3

wow you forgot your own bday? I was watching "old school" yesterday, and in it, Will Ferrell's character forgets his own bday. this actually concerns me a little bit~you don't have depression, you think? it's good to not be so materialistic though:)

Mine wasnt very eventful either, it ended with me passed out on the side of the road.. wasnt a great experience.

But got to admit. It started out great until it got crazy. lol Wouldn't you agree.

Actually, no.
Almost no-one showed up, and the few that did hardly even knew me. I felt awkward the whole night, and the only reason i got so drunk was because i felt so self conscious.
WIsh i had a better story for you, but i really dont.