I'm 25... Never been a partier, though I've gone to a few parties, LOL, done some pretty 'fun' stuff, but in all actuality, most of it was pretty retarded.

I find myself right in the middle. Oddly, I've always thought of an 'adult', truly, as someone over 30... And I'm in between being a partying 'child' and being a true adult. I don't *want* to party, though, yeah, even I'll admit it could be fun. I want to be responsible, I want to continue 'making' my family, to have more children and instead graduate to 'full' adulthood...

And yet I do not want to loose my sense of 'the child within', I don't want to grow up so much that my job becomes more important than my life, more important than getting right down on the floor with my son and playing with him. My imagination is a huge part of me... And so are the things that I create with it.

But... This was longer than I intended, LOL. Eh. I'm 25, people! :P

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2 Responses Aug 12, 2008

I have two kids under 2. Kids are funny like that. They make you grow up (faster than you'd like) yet they keep you feeling younger than you are.

I'm still in my twenties... in my head. Reality says 41. Body agrees some days.