Im An Addict

I've always felt different and it wasnt till I came into the rooms of Na that I finally felt I'd come to a place I belonged . My journey of self district began when I was a young girl . At a very early age I felt that u was not as good as others and felt that there was something wrong with me . With low self confidence and a lack of good self esteem I quickly found comfort and courage from the effects of alcohol . I became a diffrent person someone that I could like . By the time I was 18 I'd spent 7 years of my young life getting hammered and smashed on drink and drugs . Like all addicts I found that one was to many and a thousand was never quite enough . Unfortunately this lesson was not learnt for many years to come . I used and abused and found ways and means to always get more . I was a mess both on the inside and out . Like my good friend in Na says my favourite drug was called more . My life became very unmanageable and I lost everythink and everyone that I cared and loved . By the grace of god I became pregnant at the age of 25 and that's when I decided that somethink would have to be done . That I needed to change . At that time my god was not a loving and nurturing god he was an enforcing and punishing god . I truley believed that if I carried on he would take the baby from me .... It was tought and like a typical addict I substituted one drug for another and started to smoke weed but did give up the drink . For 3 years I battled addiction without having a name for my disease . The compulsion and obsession where always at my door and so the self loathing and self hate continued until I believe my higher power stepped in and helped change my life . A friend who was in recovery came to vist and after a long and honest chat got me to go to my first Na meeting . It was a cold and dark night and full of anticipation I walked into a basement room in a church . For the first time in my whole life I finally felt comfortable with people and finding out that I was an addict and had the disease of addiction was the start of a bright and new life ... After a couple of relapse I am proud to say I am an addict and I am about to celebrate 3 years of clean time ... Just for today I am a grateful addict who enjoys the life I have instead of wishing for a life that belongs to someone else ....
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Hi fellow,i understand your story and ask for help.I like the way were you said i,m greatful to be an addict.I say it in every meeting before i start share,yes i,m realy so greatful that i,m an addict and proud because na open a new life and show me how to live in my recovery.My 12steps they are my tools that i use them in every day.Courage it is so greatful that we belong in Na fellowship.LIfe is good,life is great we choose life god bless u and hugs.

Thank you and it's so true that recovery is possible in the rooms of Na . I love to connect to others who think the same as me . Have a great day