Father Disciplinarian

No this is not an oxymoron like Army Intelligence.

I am a strict Disciplinarian for women and have done so for many many years. I am here to help change you. Perhaps Attitude, procrastination. focusing, getting motivation, stress and over spending to name a few are issues women are having trouble with.

Helping guide through by mentoring and providing consequences with corporal punishment (spankings) can Change you.

We will set up rules and etc to help guide you as well and you will learn rules which you will need to follow.

On the Father side, I do care as I do spank in love. The longer we work together the more I find that I care.
I do care about what you are doing in your normal life and try to mentor you to stay on track. I do hug you after a spanking or during a break. I also if you wish  I  will cuddle you while your bottom is still stinging. If you need your Father Disciplinarian for some time, I will be there for you.

I only Host in Columbus Ohio...aspanker@hotmail.com
Service is Free but total cooperation is necessary
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Hello Sir
I am a young girl of 18 years and I really fantasize getting spanked in many embarrassing ways.I have a regret that I have never received punishment spanking and feel the need to get punished so that I get rid of many guilts in life.I am really in need of very harsh discipline so that I gain more focus in achieving my goals.My parents have never spanked me. I seriously need your help so that I can live life with discipline. I want extremely harsh discipline which involves spanking of my private parts and genitals too. I want my disciplinarian too be very strict and spank me until I have serious bruising and skin break so that I cannot sit for months. spanking should also involve very hard breast, ***** and face slapping.I believe until I am not tortured like hell, there is no serious discipline. I believe in very through spanking which should extend to hours and in many embarrassing positions and implements but there should be no sexual Intercourse. I will also be glad if my disciplinarian enforces other punishments such as mouth soaping, hot saucing, line writing etc.I will be glad if you help me by replying to this message.
Thanks :)