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In August of 2011 my kidneys failed, and I suffered renal kidney failure, a hypoxic brain injury, and have been disabled since. I was in a coma and on life support and dialysis for over a week. I woke up and had to learn to walk, talk, eat, use my motor skills, and improve my balance and memory. I applied for disability once and was declined, and I am now waiting on my disability hearing.

My car got repoed while I was in the hospital and I lost so much weight that I have very few clothes to wear. I quit going to my psychiatrist and taking meds because its expensive.

Any suggestions on how to make some money? I hate asking for charity and help, but I could really use some help. Thank you very much.
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wow, you have been through a hell of a lot. don't quit the psych meds! i did that and got sick myself. i would say don't worry about your long-term plans at this stage. if you can, stay at your parent's or trusted friend's place till you are back on your feet. give it time. try working part-time or volunteering somewhere (like at an animal shelter) until you are mentally and physically healed. take it slow and steady. i respect you. you can get through this - only by being gentle on yourself and using your support system (friends, family, doctor,,). be strong!!

ok.. your question was: how to make some money? since you like writing, have you considered researching and writing content for the web? it's an interesting job since the content and assignments vary and you can work independently over the net, i think.

I have considered that. Its hard to get far with only an associates degree. But I have done it before, I can do it again. I did a paid internship at the newspaper here and im going to email him.

I´m rating up your story, so more people can read it. I´m really sorry to hear about your situation, but you are incredibly strong and positive and I know you´ll find the solutions you need. I agree with MDenise, working home is a great idea. There are just so many possibilities- from proofreading and translating to creative handicrafts to cover design. I´m at a cybercafé now, but as soon as I get home I will be glad to try and think of a more complete list. And I would be honored to have you in my circle of friends :)

Thank you so much! I appreciate your care and effort. I would love to be friends as well! I need to stop procrastinating and do what I need to do to get some income. :)

I forgot to ask you the essential question... What do you *like* to do? :D

I have a degree in jornalism so I love to write.

Oh so I think that´s what you should do. And you do it so well, you have a concise and strong style. Maybe you could write a few articles for a newspaper where you live? Or do some research work too. Or work for a publishing firm.

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I'm trying to get into writing fiction books as a form of work-at-home self-employment. Maybe try some self-employed job of creativity, such as writing, clothing designing, or some kind of art. <br />
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Or think about ways you can serve other people and for pay, and offer people those services.<br />
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I'm sorry about your situation.

Thanks so much for your suggestions! Its just hard to find a starting place. But I will use my talents to the best of my ability to help myself :)