Don't Know What To Do About My Father

My father is 73 years old and he is having to dialysis 3 times a week due to his kidneys issues. He started dialysis in the beginning of 2011. My dad and I have had our issues, but I've tried to remain close to him since I lost my mother to cancer when I was a teenager. I don't remember my dad being a horribly negative person when I was growing up. It seemed to start around 10-15 years ago. Over these 10-15 years he has become to hateful and negative about everything that my daughter and I have a hard time being around him. He never has anything nice to say. Nothing makes him happy...and I really mean NOTHING. He complains about everyone and everything and does nothing to make things better for himself. I love my dad and wish so much that I could spend more time talking to him over the phone and visiting with him, but it becomes unbearable.

My father has been living with a woman for 35 years now. He refused to get married. She basically has supported him throughout their relationship and even took on the responsibility of paying his child support so that he could see me. She called me today and said she can't take it anymore. She's told me that my dad has dragged her down and she now feels nothing for him. She wants him out of her house. Their relationship has been so dysfuntional for a majority of the years they have been together.

I am lost and don't know what to do. My father has four kids from his first marriage (I'm from his second marriage) and he's never been as close to them as he was to me. I've thought about calling them, but I think only my brother would be willing to possibly get involved.

I don't know what to and how to deal with this.
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Apr 14, 2012