Where Has My Wife Gone?

i have been feeling left behind lately. my wife and i have been the best of friends for years. we would do everything together but one day my wife said she was feeling really bad about her weight so i said let's do something about that. in a nutshell she had surgery lost a lot of weight and now almost two years later has forgotten about me. she is always out with friends, always buying new clothes and now has started taking trips with out me. when we do go out she leaves me at the table to hang out at the bar with her friends. she now tells me i'm to fat when she hugs me,she hates to be seen with me in pictures and she always grabs me sides or pats my belly laughs and says you need to get rid of these. i don't know this lady and its really making me feel sad. i love my wife and miss the old her. i just don't know what to do. can somebody give me some advice?

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2 Responses Nov 20, 2012

yeah you might be right. i went the other way though and started putting all my time into getting closer with my daughter and losing weight myself. i just love my wife so much. she was such a great person with such a good heart. i just don't understand who she is any more. it was always my goal to have that you know cookie cutter family because my family was so messed up due to my father. i just hope she see's what she has before its to late.

Honestly, you gotta make her realise she aint better than you just because she got some weight off.... She's probably become something she Problably hated before the weight loss.
A judgemental Character that thinks she's better than others.