How Do I Get the Finances to Move to My Husband's Post?

Hi. my name is jessica and i have recently been inducted as an official army wife. my husband's training was delayed at fort benning when he hurt his back, so i havent seen him since june.  he is expected to graduate in mid-october, and then get sent to fort gordon for his AIT. he will be there for a year since his training will be interrupted by the birth of our son, so he is wanting us to move down there to be with him as much as possible. we are living in columbus, oh right now.

what my question is, is am i supposed to get the finances to move before his graduation? since he is down there, and cant sign for a bank loan, i cant do anything on my end. he has been trying to gather information about how to get some money for us to move with, but hasnt been able to find many options. that's the impression i get at least, since he cant, or doesnt want to, really answer my questions about what he's looking into when i do get to talk to him. is there any way to make moving to wherever he is sent any easier on our finances, and is it a good idea getting money from the army somehow to finance it? if so, then how do we go about doing this? i have so many questions, i just hope someone can help me understand all this.

i dont have support from my family. they would rather see me stay in one place and not see him at all for the next 4 years that he is in service than to try to follow him to all his posts. am i really being ridiculous in thinking that mvoing is a good idea? we have a daughter, and now expecting a son in january, and i dont want them growing up without knowing who their father is. is that too hard of a thing for me to accomplish? is it really a bad idea to try to stay with him? or am i really expected to give up that too?

i need so much help! what do i do? i want to stay with him as much as possible, but have no way of knowing how to come up with the money to make this move in a few weeks.


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One other thing...yes the Army will move you with him where ever he is stationed except dangerous areas.<br />

I was a military wife for 20 years. First thing you need to do is find out what the unit is that he is attached to now. From there you can contact the installation's family support group see if they can answer your questions. All installations have them and so do most units. I'm not sure that the Army will move you because technically he will be in school but that doesn't mean you should find out. Ft Gordon is a nice place to be so you don't need to worry about that. When he gets to Ft Gordon if you haven't moved there yet and you still don't know what to do contact the 1st Sgt of his unit and ask. It is the unit's responsiblity to make sure his family is ok.<br />
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I know it is hard for your family to understand but being an Army wife is the hardest job in the Army and you need to be with your husband as much as you can know matter where he is stationed, because he and your child are the only family that you need to worry about. <br />
The Army has a great family support system that become a second family. As an Army wife you have to be diplomatic. Be involved, be proactive but understand you can reflect positively and negetively on his career so you need to learn early when to speak up and when to listen. Good luck. If you have anymore questions I don't mind trying to help.