Someone who:

- accepts me as-is, with no agenda or intention to change me, but will welcome my personal changes when/as they come into my life.
- has a wonderful sense of humor compatible with mine.
- has an easygoing, comfortable-to-be-around nature.
- is intelligent and can teach me things, but is humble enough to learn things from me as well.
- shares many of my interests and perhaps can introduce me to new interests.
- is honest, loyal, and compassionate.
- loves animals as much as I do. Preferably a fellow dog person. :)
- is not married/does not have kids (I love kids, but I find it very hard to relate to married parents, as I am a single woman with no children).
- is spiritual, preferably (but not mandatorily) a Gnostic Christian.
- loves music as much as I do and can introduce me to new bands, and appreciates being introduced to new bands. Loves festivals.
- doesn't smoke.
- is spontaneous enough to enjoy an impromptu midnight trip to Denny's or the park, but understands I do not appreciate surprises.
- is always there for e when I need them and never judges me despite my mood swings/neurotic episodes.
- can encourage and uplift me when I need it.
- respects the fact that there are some things I don't enjoy doing, and doesn't nag me to do them.

Seems like a long list, and maybe unreasonable. I may never find it. But that's what I'm looking for.

SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
36-40, F
1 Response Jul 14, 2010

I really hope you find that one true friend you're looking for. God knows I don't have that many friends and the ones i have can sometimes not be a friend. Hope you find what you want.