True Friends - Thats What I Need

Someone that I can relate too, be there for, understand me, throw parties for, go out with, laugh with, cry with.

Someone that I know will always have my back! Someone, that I can trust, and is loyal to our friendship.

Someone that is happy for me, encourages, motivates, tell me the truth if I'm getting fat. lol. Someone that knows what friends are for.

Hrmm, where do I find them? Cause I sure am in need of them!

MisAmiga MisAmiga
7 Responses Jan 17, 2008

Wonder if it is so easy to my heart to endure all the fake smiles, kisses, hugs, i give and recieve from most of my "friends" that can't actually be called so, but once i really believed they were, as it seems so easy, when i look at myself in the mirror, watching that flawless face, the face of someone who isn't worried about anything.

Hello! i added you to my circle. looked at your profile-ALL I am looking for in a friendship is integrity I think-meaning tht one day you arent just going to flake out and do something different than what you have been portraying all along. Ive had a few people do this to me and it not only hurts-it wierds me out!

hrmm LETS ALL BE FRIENDS!!! LOL We would make great friends!!

hrmm LETS ALL BE FRIENDS!!! LOL We would make great friends!!

Hmm well at least now I know i'm not crazy for thinking that way about friendships, even if i am at least i'm not the only one lol. I just wish there were enough people who I could call "true friends", now the score is 0

I thought i was the only who defined friendship that way. I tend to distance myself when someone who I consider a friend disappoints my expectations of them...and almost all do. Is there something wrong with us?

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that is so true. haha. it seems that people keep to themselves so much, i, myself, do the same too. but hey, i would make a great friend. ha! btw, thanks for the reply. <br />
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