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Sadly, I'd started to distance myself from an acquaintance and then we were thrust together at a big group lunch - and she was a few people away from me. After a while I changed spots with another friend and I heard her saying - something narky about me going - like get lost or whatever.

Then I went home and I unfriended her on facebook and I messaged her that I would do that because she had made a narky comment about me at lunch.

I blocked her on facebook so she emailed me:

--- On Mon, 1/14/13, Susan wrote:

I never said one word about you !!
I was minding my own business and didn’t even notice you were even there or even left the table till Fiona showed up.
Nor did any of the girls, we were having such a good times catching up, we didn’t want to move

Why should we boredom our conversation talking about you…

Stop making accusation where it doesn’t exist

How the hell are you supposed to make any friends with an attitude like that..



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so I said:
From: author @ yahoo.com
Sent: Monday, 14 January 2013 10:48 AM

I wish you nothing but the best in your life and I don't bug anyone

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then she said:

you have just don’t it.. for no reason at all..
not everything is about a selfish person like you..
me my family had welcome you into our lives because we know how alone you are
but because you are such a ***** we are glad that you are out of our picture..
you had no right to talk to us like that …

good bye
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I'm bemused and saddened - lets face it nobody likes to lose a friend, but this woman is just not a friend at all and I wanted to share this 'story' with readers - what do you think?...  Its better to have a few real friends instead of a hundred stupid aquaintances.

Pavlova8 Pavlova8
Jan 14, 2013