I Can't Be Myself Around My Friends

    I'm so frusterated at myself because I can't be myself around my friends, yet I depend on them because they are my only form of social interaction. They talk about 'things' and people and themselves, but they never talk about the world, and their goals or their feelings. And I can't share my personal thoughts with them either. Sometimes I annoy myself to the point where, I don't want to be myself anymore, I wanna be someone else. So, as of today I made a pact to be completely be honest with myself, starting now.

hudspeth hudspeth
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6 Responses Nov 11, 2008

So true. But don't worry you are not alone! for you have a friend here waiting for you!<br />
so friends??

You got another friend here! You got to Love yourself 1st. and be real. I sorry to say thoses people are not your friends. If you can't share and talk about some thing you like,or a new subject. And just setting around talking about other people sounds like gosip and that not good for the soul. Social life is interaction, find another group of people that my slowly. Join a club, take-up a sport, art,etc. Much Love A New Friend No Matter What Keep Moving

With most people I find, it all comes down to a choice of wanting to put yourself out there as/is and getting shut down by everybody.......closing doors for all sorts of opportunities that one might have via networking.....or to play the silent one at the party, because you know full and damn well the numskulls you surprisingly enjoy the company of don't agree with you. I usually take the latter, because no man is an island unfortunately.

Be my friend Godfather?

If one is not honest with oneself, then there is no point in living!<br />
<br />
The day that I start lying to myself is the day that I play in traffic!

thumbs up 4 u,you ve won a friend/me