I Only Want One Under This Condition:

...that I will be able to be completely honest about myself, and accepted for who I am without unecessary, overcritical judgement.  And I would expect this same honesty in return.

If I can't have this, I don't want to be around people..I would rather be alone...

solarxmoon solarxmoon
26-30, F
5 Responses Nov 28, 2007

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I will be your friend, if you would like. We are around the same age :D

I feel the same way. I hate that people that say that they are my friends judge the things that I believe is a great decision for me in my life. Who are they to judge people especially someone that is suppose to be there friends. I am looking for the same thing in a friend that I am, non-judgmental, honest, caring, and most definitely a good listener.

i yearn for that kind of friendship, especially since coming to college. just one person like that could make all the difference, you know? someone who could just hold you while you cry, no words necessary, if that is what you need. someone who you can call and three in the morning because you can't sleep and you feel like you are on the edge and it doesn't matter why, they will listen and care and love anyway.

we all need friends like that