Kinda Caught During "health And Welfare" Of Barracks.

I had a room to myslef in the barracks and would love to wear sexy lingerie and **** my *** with a nice sized ***** late at night on the weekends. ( I'd cam alot for other guys too) One day there was a big "drug bust" health and welfare inspection looking for drugs.

Well I would hide my bustier, stockings, panties, and my ***** packed down in the bottom of a civilian hikin rucksack in the back corner of my wall locker. I never thought anyone would go through it.

Well they did.

Evidently one of the NCO's reached in to the bag to see if anything hidden down there. Well, he grabbed my ***** to see what it was and pulled it out. He realized wht it was and threw it across the room.

Boy, did I have some explaining to do...
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I had kept a ***** in my last barracks room that I used on cam from time to time.
The port on most entertainment speakers/subwoofers make great hiding places that never got checked.
I remember during one of those inspections, a female went through a guys room and came acrosss his penis pump. She had no idea what it was and assumed that it was drug paraphernalia of some sort. She was on the catwalks yelling at this poor guy and his roommate, "What the hell is this?!" He was trying to calm her and ask her to put it down. Her assistant whispered to her what it was and she flung it back in the guy's room immediately.

I always brought lingerie with me when I deployed. That was easy to explain though, after years of deployments with the same guys some of them would ask, "So what dirty lingerie did your wife pack in your stuff this time?" They always thought it was what she wore the night before I deployed.