Military Crossdressing

I was in the military for 22 years and although when i was in the military i never met another crossdresser i have met plenty since i left.

I joined the Raf when i was 17 already an avid crossdresser i thought that joining the military would knock it out of me and what a shock i got. For the first 5 years of my career i lived with 4 other guys in a room, the only chance i got to dress was when i went home on leave.

I then was moved into a single room and boy did my dressing come back with a vengance. I wnt out and bought loads of new item of clothing and became a bit of a hermit as i would lock myself away in my room at night and try on all these things.

One day whilst at work i noticed that one of the girls had left there best dress uniform in work and a plan was formed in my head. i left work went to my room and put ons some underwear along with the regulation colour pantyhose but my own clothes back on top and returned to work. i made up excuses that i had to stay late. When i was sure evetone was gone i picked up the uniform and went to the ladies toilets in there i ******** down to my underwear and put on the womens uniform i was in extacy i had always wanted to try one on. I remember staing in work for 6 hours wearing the uniform.

this was not the only time i got to wear a female uniform either.

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6 Responses Mar 10, 2009

Id love a female militery uniform. They have been my fantasy since I was very young, their just so sexy.

I would dress on every liberty that I could. It was very expensive as I had to buy new clothes all the time.

Im still currently serving (Army Warrant Officer) I used to dress in my room in the Mess and then walk out to my car (late at night) and go for a drive. Things got a bit hairy when people on the gate used to see my car go out (with a female driving) and come back with me there, (obviously chnaged back) the thrill of dressing has always kept me attracted to it. I would love to meet other Military dressers, my wife (No 2) loves me dressing, so it does not have to be hid like it did in the past

I too am currently serving in the military and have been been dressing off and on for many years. I haven't gotten up the nerve to go out dressed yet, but I am working on it.

lol, I'm a warrant as well! Serving 19 years and dressing when I can. I hear ya about the dressing and leaving as a girl and coming back as a boy (Booo). And here I thought I was the only one!!

The female miltary unifrom is definately a fantasy for me!

I was in the military in the early 1970's but I wasn't a cross-dresser at the time.

Great story. Never dressed when i was in either. But oh so wanted to be in a female uniform, and all that went with it, rather than my own.