Interesting Times

Cross dressing and the Army two totally alien subjects, but for 23 years I mamaged to somehow survive. Joining up at the end of the swinging sixties was a culture shock in more ways than one and it soon became very obvious that the slightest hint of femininity was akin to being a rageing homosexual nancy boy and all that such 'crimes' would mean, so all thoughts of dressing were reserved fopr home leaves. I served as a combat medic and the greater part of service was spent in shared accomodation and locker inspections were a regular part of life for many years so no chance to hide away any intimate items of apparrel. Even when promotions had led to single rooms there was still the chance that spot inspections for contraband could take place and to be found with 'queer' kit would lead to some very awkward situations probably leading to the word being slipped to some hard guys for informal action. On one occaision in Northern Ireland I did come accross a chap we had in for treatmeant who had been given summary punishment for being 'gay' -- actualy he was caught dressed-- his fate included a pool table and pool cue, enough said. The poor lad was under guard and suicide watch. I often wondered if there were any other dressers in the big wide army but usually came to the conclusion that I must be the only one and to keep it that way lol Still there were occaisions when dressing was possible, even though very few and far between and vicars and tarts nights were a great release, although some people may have thought I was going over the top a bit in the NAAFI underwear department! This occaisional freedom to buy did cause some problems though, as a hairy arsed singly I had to co over the top on the inocence, it would not do to know my own bra and dress size would it! On a couple of occaisions I even had a pretty nurse to do my make up, what sheer heaven. The ultimate was, again in N.I. refusing to get undressed and waking up in the morning in tattered tights and knickers with makeup smeared over my pillow and smelling like a pure tart mmmmmmmm. God did I get ribbed for the next few weeks, but secretly I didn't mind at all. Yes some of you married gurls think you have problems keeping your secret and hiding your stash but for us military gurls it was ohhhhhhh so much harder, still how many girls ever get the chance to wear frilly knickers under combat gear whilst sitting in a trench up to your knees in water in the middle of a blizzard--- ahh lifes little luxuries just make sure you don't get casevaced lol
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