Navy Too...

I tried on my first pair opf pantyhose when I was 4 or 5.  As I got the opportunity I wound up trying bras, slips, panties, shoes, dresses, skirts etc.  By the time I was in Jr High I was getting fully dressed except for make-up (which I've never been into).  When I was in the 9th grade I got caught by a friend (you can read about that in "I got caught wearing womens clothes" if you want) but that left me with a sense of shame and doubt about my wearing.  When I was 18 I joined the Navy and hoped to cure myself of what I thought was my evil perverted desires.

While I was in the Navy I met a girl that I dated for a while, at one point she made an offhanded comment about finding me in her clothes.  I think she would have been open to the idea since she was friends with some female impersonators.  I didn't trust her and was afraid that if things went south in our relationship that she could make things tough for me by revealing my secret.  I did try her pantyhose and a skirt on a couple times though when she was gone.

I really wanted to check out the pantyhose that they issued to the ladies but I wasn't safely able to aquire any.  I'm not sure they were any good, but it wouild have been cool.

I was stationed at a place where I had to roving security watch to perform when we had night duty.  It left me with a lot of time to wander the buildings; I did discover a officers pantyhose stash in her locker but I was to afraid of getting caught to try them on.

The Navy was good for me and got me the skills and experience I needed to be sucessful today, but it did not cure me of my desire to wear pantyhose and other items of womens clothing as I hoped.  When I'd get home on leave I'd try clothes on again;  it was like some force compelled me.

I met a woman after I got out of the service and I wasn't sure how to tell her I liked to wear pantyhose much less anything esle.  We tried a little role playing with me in a skirt and nylons but she laughed at me the whole time.  She seemed to be ok with the pantyhose so I kept wearing those.  As we dated and lived together she realized I had like hosiery all along and seemed to accept it.  We got married, but 7 years later she left me because I wore pantyhose (I had given up anything else).  She expected my love of hosiery to be a phase and when it wasn't she couldn't handle it.

Not all is lost though...  I have since met a wonderful woman who not only accepts my hosiery wearing but my love of lingerie, skirts, and dresses.  We have a lot of fun shopping and trying clothes on.  She loves me nylon covered legs and soon she will be my wife.  It's been a long tough journey.  At many times I've beaten myself up for being a freak.  The internet helped me see that other men like pantyhose.  After I accepted this part of me I was able to accept that yes, I'm a guy who likes to wear womens clothes.  Not to be a woman, but to feel sexy and feminine as well as wanted.

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I think its that release of a portion of us we have, but are supposedd to acknowledge. Sadly I think may men repress those feelings; or are better at hiding them. I'm quite happy having them and exprressing them.

I hear ya', what is it that compels us so? I had hoped that joining the military would cure me also...all it did was once the basic training, and technical training ended and i was in the "real" military I took great risks to semi dress in the dorm room...never caught, but always a worry.