Leg Uclers

Leg ucler's bring pain
Much shame
Some days are good
Most are bad

You never know what to expect
Sometimes you wonder if you will make it
Your feet hurt so bad
It hurts just to take a step

You know you have to go on
But it is so hard
You can't go anywhere
Without pain

You are living
You breathe
But you feel like you just exist
You feel so bad

You don't want to be around anyone
Yet your so lonely
You cry for hours on end
Wondering if it will ever end

Doctor's do what they can
But it just is not enough
You feel like your all alone
Facing everything all alone

You pray, complain, say things you shouldn't
Then you pray God will forgive you
Sometimes you hurt people without meaning to
It is all you can do to stay alive

You want it all to end
No more fear
No pain at all
So you wish you could go to sleep and never wake

Your body is not your own
You don't feel like yourself
You are so big from the fluid
Your clothes no longer fit

Your legs get the uclers
They hurt so bad
Your skin is so dry it hurts
It peels off making a mess
2012angellove4u 2012angellove4u
46-50, F
1 Response Sep 23, 2012

Sorry this is so long but I wrote this poem hoping someday it might help someone.