I Usually Dont Confess This

i am in so much pain, That is the truth, I am a firm believer that it has no right on me though.  That is faith.  I am a firm believer that I am healed and have been since i was created.  Feeling that is another story , yes that is where faith comes in.  I had a shot of steroids in my neck yesterday and they shot me 5times in the same spot.  It was very painful and i was bawling.  I woke up 4 times in the night due to the pain, i have to take pain meds to get through the day.  I am not able to move my head ,shoulders, and back.  I have to get these treatments, at least two more times. I am anxious to get back to work and everytime i think i am going back something else happens, i think maybe God is showing me signs that i am just not to work there anymore...lol lovely thought right?  Anyway I am hurting really bad , not liking it, but believeing that this is just another stepping stone to recovery.  Thanks for the prayer and love on here. 

Take care all,


luvbugg77 luvbugg77
26-30, F
1 Response May 9, 2007

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