I Hurt.

I have been having severe headaches for a couple of months now. They had gotten so bad I was in the ER... but they did nothing but tell me to take an over the counter pill (similar to tylenol) and keep a "headache diary" (which I've given up on). I get 3 or 4 headaches a day, at least. And they last up to several hours. I have a headache that hurts so bad right now. I want to dig my nails into my head, but it hurts to even touch my head anymore.... which could be the result of digging my nails into my head the last couple of headaches... The CT scan showed nothing out of the ordinary.... but it stills worries me... especially after having two cousins (the surviving one not physically related) having been diagnosed with brain tumors. It would have showed up in the scan... But what the hell is the problem? Why is a 15 year old girl getting constant headaches for no apparent reason?
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Thanks much, m6468, I'll check in to that. Thanks again.

Zoiedog,<br />
Thank you so much for sharing your story and offering your opinion and help. I'm happy to hear that you found the cause and are still working at it all. I'll will definitely keep your words in mind. Thank you.<br />

I started getting headaches when I was five years old. They did brain scans, gave me aspirin and for 45 years told me I was simply prone to head pain. Four years ago I had a torn rotator cuff. The orthopedic Dr. had x-rays done of my neck and shoulders to make sure I was up to doing physical therapy. The x-rays showed that the discs between my 3rd, 4th and 5th cervical vertebrae were gone. And, in fact, the vertebrae had fused themselves together. At the time no one wanted to do surgery on me because if there was a mistake I would end up with nothing functioning below my ears. But just 2 years later I found a neurosurgeon who was confident that he could make the repair. And he did. Sadly, it didn't alleviate the pain, but at least I knew with certainty the root cause. And that made it much easier to get reasonable care from my dr. Eventually I ended up with a pain specialist and we've worked through a lot of drugs to find what works and still leaves me functional. I think it's really important to push your dr. until are satisfied. Something is giving you headaches. And someone needs to find out what it is. If there's not a medical solution when they find out what's causing your headaches, wait a couple of years and there will be. Hang in there.

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Have a wonderful day!!

yw just trying to help until u can find out whats really causeing them and i hope they find out soon for ur sake best of luck

Okay, I will. Thanks!

theres something in the brown rice that makes it go away its not jsut the heat u tried everything else so this cant hurt either to try it

I've been trying a heating pad thing and it doesn't work... :( But oh well... I think I'll be okay.. thanks though!

jsut a suggestion til u can talk to ur dr i get migrains alot and i have what i call a headache bag u get some material and sew it into a pouch and fill it up with about 2 to 3 cups of brown rice and sew it closed when u have ur headaches warm it up on the microwave as hot as u can stand it and put it on ur forehead it will relieve it.atleast it does for me

Thank you! I'll look into that!

Have you ever done a search for headache causing foods? I know that I was eating a lot of foods that would cause my blood sugar to be all over the place. There where many days where I swore I was going crazy, but after reducing a few food sources and getting more sleep I feel much better. I would start looking at what you eat and drink as this is more or a cause than many people realize. Good luck!

That sucks. I swear sometimes I think doctors are dumb. I hope you feel better and the problem gets taken care of. I know how bad you must feel. I get headaches alot during and before my period. It's a pain in the a**. I end up lounging around all day and take motrin or tylenol every few hours. Maybe they could put you on a special kind of med or refer you to a specialty doctor. I'm really sorry doctors are idiots sometimes and can't help you very much. I will be praying for you.

Thank both of you so much for your comments. I really appreciate it. I have been to about 3 different doctors and they say that nothing is wrong... that its probably just migranes or cluster headaches... but I don't know. The light doesn't affect it too much and I'm not sure that cluster headaches are known for being constant... but my father and brother both get them... and my mother gets migranes... but I just don't know... Thanks again to both of you.

So sorry to hear. That sucks. hope you feel better

Hang in there. Try not to panic,even though that is the first thing you are likely to do. talk to your DR about exactly how you are feeling. Every emotion you are having. (Your cousins # 1) and if they are good Dr's they should be able to help/relieve you. Peace,J