Is It Perimenopause Or Just Life?

Hi all,

I turn 44 tomorrow and have been in perimenopause for 18 months. My father died July 5, 2009 and his ex-wife is suing the estate. To top it all off, my husband dropped his basket less than a week after my father died and I moved out of the house for a week. We're in marital counseling.

There are just days that I don't know if my mood swings/general insanity is "real" because of my life issues, or is just a result of perimenopause. I started working at a salon about 3 months ago and I think being around so many women has caused me to start having monthly periods again. The PMS 7-10 days before I've started these past three months has been nothing short of psycho. I have considered leaving my husband, really considered it, and within 24 hours of actually starting my period I knew that wasn't what I really wanted to do. In short, I feel crazy about 3/4 of the time.

I use Dr. Erika's progesterone cream twice a day on my wrists, that typically keeps the hot flashes at bay. I don't have heavy periods, but the PMS is getting scary.

Sooooo, that's my story. If I feel my "crazy" coming on, I try to just hole up in the bedroom until it passes. Sometimes I feel like a prisoner in my own body *and* in my own bedroom.

I've read online that this can go on for ten years. Joy.
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exactly to both of you! It feels like you are broken and nothing can fix it! How in the heck could I have changed SO much??? Wow. The last few days I started taking some magnesium supplements as recommended in "The Natural Menopause Plan" book by Maryon Stewart. It has helped tremendously! I am just going into my period and should be fairly grouchy but I am actually laughing some! I am shocked and happy with it. I am going to try more stuff from Ms. Stewart's book and see how it helps. Btw, it only took about 4 days for me to notice the difference with the magnesium!

Hey I know how your feeling I started mine about a year ago and my mood swings are undescribable some days I'm really depressed almost feeling suicidal then other days really happy. I do think a lot of it has to do with what is going on in your life, my friend started saying nasty things to me and it really hurt me bad plus my husband is very negative and this gets to me too things just don't roll off my back like they used to. I also have thoughts of leaving my husband.