I Can't Take It Anymore

I am going to be 48 and I have been in perimenopause for a while now. It has gotten worse in the last few months, before I would just
get hot flashes, now all the time I am hot. No matter what I do, housework,walking,cooking supper,taking my dogs outside, etc. I break out
in a full sweat. it just pours down my face and my neck gets soaked, I can't stand to go outside anymore because the heat about kills me,
My husband gets upset with me because I don't want to go anywhere, because I break out in a sweat and my face gets all red and then people
look at me like what is wrong with her. I have to sleep with a fan on me all the time, my poor husband has never before said that he is cold
until now because I turn down the air but then I turn it back up because it is not fair to him that I keep it so cold.. I don't know what to do anymore
my  daughter has asked me not to take hormones because of the cancer risk I have tried everything else and nothing helps, anyone else
going thru this, any advice would really help

Bellasraine Bellasraine
1 Response Jul 23, 2010

I did a ton of research on Hormone Replacement therapy (HRT) and while there are some risks, most of them have been exaggerated. I too am suffering horribly, and have gone the natural route which helped for awhile, but now I'm nearly at the end of my rope-horrible night sweats, long, irregular periods, joint pain, and severe headaches. I'm going to call my nurse practitioner in the am and ask to go on the generic FemHRT (called Jinteli). From what I read, it will really help. The dangers of menopause/perimenopause include bone loss, vaginal atrophy and heart problems, and I feel like those are at least as serious as breast cancer (which is a risk of HRT). I'm so fed up I want to quit life-exhausted, aching, hating everything, wanting to quit my job, etc, and I'm scared I'll make some drastic decisions--all due to how crappy I feel! Hang in there...