Hi - New To This Site And In Perimenopause

I'm about 7 years into this horrible experience!  Officially, it's only been 3 years - I had blood tests showing something "very high" in my blood count, after years of screwy symptoms, confirming what I already knew.  My doctor, btw, suggested HRT- which my mother warned me against for all the horrible side effects that she experienced - or a hysterectomy.  I'm still outraged by that and have since transferred to a female doctor for anything gynaecological... it's just not what you want to hear is it?  So I had to look at alternative therapies - I mean, women have been going through this since forever, literally, so I just need to go through everything I could get my hands on to find what would work for me.  Thanks to the internet, I found out there are about 43 symptoms (and of course I thought I'd only get a couple of these, lol!) so I decided to just deal with the next new symptom as it came along. What I've found out is that it was good starting my new routine (gym and pelvic floor exercises and cutting down on alcohol intake as it's a diuretic) and that worked fine for a while, but I seem now to have an avalanche of the other 40+ symptoms now!

I found this book in the library What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause: Balance Your Hormones and Your Life From Thirty to Fifty by John R. Lee MD, Jesse Hanley, and Virginia L. Hopkins and it immediately reassured me that I wasn't crazy.  I heartily recommend it.  You can find it easily on Amazon.  That I'm not going crazy is the good news - or at least, crazy kind of goes with the territory!  The bad news is that I've had to totally re-think the way I eat.  I knew that old people had to be careful with their diets, but then I found I was in that group now too!  I've always been something of a foodie, the type that could eat anything without putting on any weight, but actually, I'd been in denial about the way my metabolism was functioning for some years and thought of irritable bowel syndrome as a minor affliction, not a hint that my body needed to b
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No, I don't believe you said enough. I don't know if it's a symptom of perimenopause or not, but every single day I wake up alone, I go to the store alone, I eat alone, I go everywhere alone. And I'm going through this, alone. And not for a lack of trying to make friends. Where I work at, there are a total of 4 women, the rest men (construction company) and one of these women is my boss. Can't be friends with her and the other two are field people. And both of the live about 50 miles away. Being alone, or the feeling of loneliness is very real.

metagalaxy i've said too much about loneliness here, as if its a symptom of perimenopause... i dont think it really is just works that way for me that way right now.<br />
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symptoms still raging - hot flushes (flashes) the worst!

I'm glad that I'm not the only one that feels alone. At least you do have kids, I don't. And I'm living at an age where I can still be a mother.I'm also divorced for 5 years, but on my own for 7 years. And most of this time, I've been alone too. And I agree, the fighting the loneliness is the second hardest thing I've done. The first hardest was to leave my ex.