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i am experiencing perimenopause has been 5 years body aches bad anxsiety sweats depression mood swings wish there was something to help tied alot of the time
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I've tried a few things so far. Was on an herb a lot of people said worked for them called "Shatavari". I didn't notice anything different except my brain fog got worse after a week so I stopped it. I am off today to see if I can get my Vit D, B & Magnesium levels checked at the local clinic. Was told that can make a difference. Hopefully they will tell me numbers vs saying "oh your fine" and I am actually low. I do take a women's multi vitamin and just started taking Omega 3's fish oil again. One lady at work swears Evening Primrose has worked for her.

I been going through same stuff since 41 and I am gonna be 48. It's enough to drive you crazy.

I also recommend supplements. My doctor said Flaxseed oil is good for some of our symptoms. But don't be afraid to reach out to your doctor. Some of our symptoms can be very difficult to manage on our own. There are days when I just feel like crying. Today happens to be one of them. My ovaries feel inflamed and I am feeling anxious. I have xanex and my doctor has said if I can't handle the symptoms then take a pill. Sometimes it helps just knowing I have them just in case.

I use Dr. Erika's progesterone cream, twice a day on my wrists. Maybe just changing brands might help. Good luck!

Progesterone cream worked great for me for three years. I used Her Balance sold at VRP.com<br />
Unfortunaltely, it is no longer working which I don't like. But to start off if you have never used anything I agree it works well.

I highly recommend progesterone cream by Emerita called Progest.<br />
Please see my other posted comments in this group.

Have you tried anything herbal?