I Helped Someone Today.

I happened to run into a neighbor friend of mine that I haven't spoken to for a while.  She turned 40 today.  I remarked at how horrific 40 was for me that my heart was beating out of my chest on most days and that the heat was ready to kill me.  She looked shocked and stated that she was having the same problems and had her first panic attack last week.  She said that she was breaking out in sweats and tired, etc., etc.  I let her know what was probably happening and that she was not going crazy.  I swear I saw the relief on her face.  She is going to the doctor to get checked out, but I think I may have helped her a bit.  I believe that we go through a lot of what we face in life in order to help another out that is going through the same.  It was a good night!
KatLehmkuhl KatLehmkuhl
41-45, F
2 Responses Sep 13, 2011


It helps tremendously to be able to voice what we are going through. I am positive you helped your friend, simply by lending a caring ear. Plus, it helps to boost us by being able to use our experience for the good of others. Nice job!