Does Sinus Problems Accompany Perimenopause?

I just some what celebrated my 49th birthday and to accompany my birthday was sinus problems. I have the weirdest symptoms ever, because if my sinuses i keep smelling phantom cigarette smoke but no smokes here. Last night i began to notice this smell comes with i'm around dust. Has anyone had anything close to this happen to them? I don't know what to do, I'm on Claritin and i have been using sinus rinses but no complete relief....any suggestions. I read that perimenopausal women can get allergies that they never had before. Please if anyone has had this problem and knows what i can to stop smelling this phantom smoke please let me know.

thebev2000 thebev2000 46-50 4 Responses Oct 18, 2011

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I did not have any allergies all of my life until premenopause so of course it affected my sinuses and sense of smell. Very frustrating because no one seems to understand that hormones do many things. I am on a prescription generic singulair and it helps, but I hope to be done soon with all allergies and sinus problems.

Wow...I thought I just had a hypersensitive nose...But I too sometimes get that phantom cigarette smoke smell!!! And no one in my home / office smokes. And I don't have/never have had any allergies. I don't have any solutions for getting rid of seems to come and go.

My sinuses are really sensitive these days. In addition to sensing weird smells, if I have more than a glass or two of wine, I get sinus swelling...which sometimes blows up into a full-on very painful sinus headache which lasts e-x-a-c-t-l-y 48 hours....(it's the only predictable ailment about me these days!!) Obviously the solution is to drink really good quality wine which doesn't have as many preservatives... ;-P

But seriously, I'm relieved that I am not the only one who smells phantom cigarette smoke!

Then again, you can acquire allergies at any age; it could be just that.

We all go through some amazingly strange symptoms and it is exciting (sarcasm here) to see what pops up each new day! My sinuses have been insane! I have new allergies as well (can't wear eye makeup or my eyes swell shut), but the worst is the inner ear problems. I've had vertigo for about a year now (an inner ear problem and symptom of menopause), and since I acquired that new "rose", my ears ache, I have congestion inside them and strangely enough, when I wake in the morning, one ear is always clogged up (the one I was sleeping on). It is like the congestion moves with gravity.

Trust me, nothing during this time is off limits. When your hormones are off, your whole body is affected. It is truly amazing how much can be affected.

Oh, the phantom cigarrette smoke... be grateful that is the smell you have. I run a daycare out of my house and now and then, I get a phantom bad diaper smell that comes through. I have lit a lot of candles and incense in my house lately. I think that our sinuses trap smells deep within. Perhaps you were out and someone smoked around you? It could have been days before. Just a suggestion.