Perimenopause And When Will It End?

I am 53 and I was told 5 years ago I am in perimenopause.  My real symptoms started 3 years ago.  A Period that lasted 10 days, with spotting and slight bleeding lasting a month.  So much that I became severely anemic- needed a blood transfusion.  Since then I went on the pill, off the pill, found out I had fibroids, started having hot flashes, sometimes so bad i have to get up at night and dry off with a towel.  Last year I had no period for almost 8 months, now it has come back every 6-8 weeks but not as bad as before. Now I have no PMS symptoms, but I have been spotting for almost a month.  I just wish this would stop. My doctor wants me to have a hysterectomy but I have refused.  Why should I have major surgery when sooner or later this will stop and my anemia has been under control.  My question is- does anyone know how long this will go on???  The good thing is I have not had any weight gain, as a matter of fact I have lost 50 pounds on Weight Watchers in the past year.
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I have started exercising in the past year, that does seem to help. I am adopted so I don't know about family members. I am hoping this is over soon- getting so tired of all of this.

Wow, congrats on the 50 lbs loss that is great. As for the peri-symptoms hopefully yours like mine, I am 55 will not last too much longer. If your female family members were about the same ages that is a good clue as to how yours will be and last. We had more emotional symptoms and the weight gain and no or little hot flashes. I take menopause supplements all veggie w/vitamins and black cohosh and other meno herbs. I also found excercise routine seems to help. I did not believe it but it really does.