Mood Swings Fast and Furious With Perimenopause

I am suffering extreme mood swings.  To the point that some people are afraid to approach me.  They never know if I am going to be my usual sweet self or if I am going to lash out like a snake and bite.  And nasty!!  I cut to the bone.  Inside I am still a marshmallow.  I don't mean to be like this.  I used to be considered "very patient".   It comes out before I even realize it.  I don't want to lose family and friends over this.

I also get tired the same way.  I can be going along merrily and then Wham!  I am so tired that I can't function.  I have brain fog.  I am extremely snarky.

How can I be easier on family and friends.  Please help before I lose everything!


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mlaine- If you simply talk about what you're going thru with hubby, then warn him before the next period is coming up, he can be comforting and watch out for flying knives. Keeping it to yourself may cause more distress in the relationship, IMHO.<br />
There is much info on how to combat symptoms of all sorts. I hope you've read thru all the posts in these groups. Health food store's book dept or supplements dept can offer a lot of answers. Google: alternative treatments or holistic treatments for each symptom.<br />
I find relief from EFAs like flax oil (1000mg capsules 2x daily) and the cream I can't recommend enough: Progest by Emerita. I buy half price at

I'm so glad to read that I'm not alone in feeling like this. Each month before my period for the last year, I feel terribly weepy, depressed and sometimes just so bitchy to my husband. When I come out of it in a few days, I feel so guilty and awful about it all. It's just no fun at all...any ideas?

I feel like I'm turning into a different person. One I really wouldn't want to be friends with. There's NO ONE I know going through this and I feel so alone! I'm bitchy, easily irritated, sad, crying, it's just ridiculous. Just reading yours makes me know I am not alone.

I hope you read the comments for info as well as the whole story. There's other stories in this group that also are helpful. Try some of the natural remedies, creams, change of diet.

i am also in perimenopause. my 2 biggest issues are the horrific mood swings and the inability to focus and/or remember stuff. add on top of that the fact that i also have ADHD. i am 42. i have all but isolated myself from my friends and the love of my life in an effort to protect them from it. i am on birth control pills and they seemed to work some for a bit but now not so much. i cant be the only woman out there who feels like she is gonna go crazy before she gets it under control.

Hi, I have read your forum and wondered if you can give me any advice? my wife in in perimenopause and has done the same as you, she has isolated herself away from those close to her, she left the house as she said if she stayed we would end up fighting and hating each other because things i say do lately really irritate her and she has feelings of hate towards me. she will not go to a doctor as she says she will handle it herself. she has been like this for three weeks now, is this permanent ?

I'm a new member to this forum but not new to perimenopause. I've been having many symptoms like you'll and I'm hoping that this transition is fast because it's a horrible feeling. By the way has anyone tried estrotone dietary supplement, my doctor recommended to me. It's supposed to balanced your hormones. Let me know if any ones tried it.

I personally could not think of anything more unpleasant than an enema or colonic. Humiliating. But have at it if they will help. I swear by flaxseed oil, borage oil, Progest cream by Emerita.

Sherie, enemas would help with mood swings. Parents often give children enemas to calm them down. When I worked briefly as a hospital aid, I administered enemas myself and they were done only a quarter of the time for constipation. Have a colonic and see if it changes your mood swings. Then you can take enemas at home for privacy and to save money. They help everything! I never get sick as an adult.

Hi there, not sure when you wrote you message about mood swings, but I'm here and hope you get this, so that you know that you are not alone!!!!! Do I know what you are talking about, it's hell isn't it!? But yes, there is help. But just getting to connect with someone who knows, understands, has been there, can help a million to get you through a moment when you feel you are losing your mind! right?<br />
Get back to me and we can talk, I'm not always available due to lay offs and not being able to afford internet at this time, but I also need to talk about it. Have a good day!

FL111- who runs from you? You've got friends here!

im in full blown menapause and they run from me!

Hi, please see my posted comments to the other 8 stories in this group and my entry "It is gonna be ok."<br />
<br />
Emerita makes "Progest" progesterone cream and it works.