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Hi All
I am 43 yrs old with 3 children(11, 9, 5). I have been tracking and diarizing my cycles for the last 8 yrs.  I really only started having issues since I turned 40.  My periods have gone from being so predictable say every 25-28 days (3 days of bleeding and then finishing up) Now I am lucky if I get 15 days of repreive only to start bleeding again. I am currently on my Sept cycle  and have been bleeding for 8  days  straight!  My GP says that I am not in perimenopause but I am sarting to think otherwise.  I have an achy back, crazy mood swings with anxiety and depression.  I hate living my life like this.  My husband is supportive but I feel bad for him having to hear me complain constantly.  I am not enjoying life as I should and that makes me upset.  I am seeing my gyne. next week  and am pondering having my uterus yanked out but then I fear the surgery.  I hope he can offer me these bio-identical hormones I've read about so many women using and feeling better.  If anyone out there has any advice for me I would GREATLY appreciate it.
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Hi, I'm 45 and believe I am going through perimenopause. Seems that when I turned 45 everything went to hell. Unpredictable periods. Mood swings. You name it I've got it. Feel like I'm losing my mind at times. Just want to feel normal again.

I am in perimenopause at 45. If your dr told you that it's not so, he's wrong. I am on vivelle .05 and progesterone 125 mg. it helps balance out the fluctuating hormones that can be worse than actual menopause!

Hi Clamarla,
I too have been told by my Doctor that I'm too young (nearly 45) to be going through peri-menopause but we know our own bodies! I have had most of the symptoms you are experiencing, my periods are not too bad but it was the emotional roller coaster I found really hard to cope with so I am now taking Prozac which is really helping. May be worth you considering.

However, I still feel tired a lot of the time which is hard when you work and have a family to care for and a home to run. I just want to eat a lot! I have also started getting migranes too.

I just try to take each day as it comes and if I feel good-that's a bonus!!

Just know you're not on your own x

Hi ceebeebie,

Thanks for your response. I don't think I am quite ready for the Prozac just yet. Just after my Sept cycle ended(thought it never would! LOL) I changed my diet by eating more protein, trying to limit carbs although it's not easy, getting more exercise and taking B100 complex and I have actually felt better but my mood swings are starting to creep up on me. I am going to take it one day at a time. Thanks again for sharing your story and ideas.