The Period That Never Ends

Okay girlfriends,

First let me say that I do not have access to a doctor, or medical care:
I am 44.
Two years ago, I missed a period. The next month, I started bleeding like a stuck pig. I had insurance back then. After bleeding enormous amounts for over 30 days, flooding, I went to a gyno. He said it was due to stress, which made sense because I was under tremendous stress at the time. I also have never had stress affect my period before turning 40, and I have had a lot.

Fast forward. I resigned from a job in Sept. due to intolerable work conditions.

I got another job where it is difficult to take bathroom time.

I missed my period late October,then on November 22 started bleeding.

It started out light. I was okay with it, but then, it never stopped. It had gotten heavier, then medium. It also has a bad odor, which I never in my life had!!!

I do not think it is an infection because I don't have other signs of it.

Does any one know of a natural way to make the bleeding stop???

Last time , the progesteron reset me. Is this going to happen every time I get stressed at this age? Help, any who have experienced this irregularity and ways to cope with these hormonal changes. I do already exercise and mediate, and pray. Thanks for your help ladies!
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

New development: I have an appointment at a local clinic tomorrow. After flooding at work through all my feminine protection and forgetting to bring extra clothing, I have to do something.

I also take supplements, extra iron, drink lots of water, and black cohash.