When Is This Going To End?!

Have just had more blood tests done and get results next mon-I know this sounds awful but really hope something shows up and I can be given something to treat this awful state I'm in!! I'm 45 and this has been going on for over 2 years.

Over Christmas felt really really tired but just put it down to the busy time of year-work and parties!! However, realise it's more than that and probably that old age thing!!

Even though I've been on Prozac since around May last year(2012)I feel as though it's not really having an effect any more. Some days are great but the next I feel so low,tired and generally poorly and am so fed up with it.

When I had blood tests done this week my doc seemed to think not peri as I'm still having periods so indicates hormones ok?!! What is it then? She said if blood tests come back fine she'll look at referring me to the Chronic Fatigue clinic.

Feel desperate for some answers and treatment that works!!

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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

I wish medical schools would make the understanding and treatment of perimenopause more of a priority. It seems most docs don't know much about it. Like you, I still have regular periods, but I am most definitely experiencing hormonal changes. No doubt about it.
Hang in there, knowing that you will get through this. We definitely don't have the energy we once did, so pace yourself and do what's important.