Help Me With Perimenopause Depression And Mood Swings - Please

I am 48 and the past several months, I have been going thru perimenopause depression. Still getting my period monthly (closer together and longer but not too heavy yet). The emotion component is the hardest for me to deal with. I heard the emotional part was the hardest during perimenopause. I lost so much weight due to this. Can't eat when I am depressed. For those of you who are going thru this or have gone thru this, can you please give me advise on what worked and what didn't? Most importantly, how long did it last before you felt "normal". I am desperate. Should I got on anti-depressants (AD)? Your experience on AD?

ME: 48, married, 2 teen boys. Working part time. No real marital or financial issues to speak of to cause such an emotional havoc.

Thank you for any insight and advise.
Iamwithyou Iamwithyou
3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

I was on paxial 10 years ago and I had to ween myself off them, I will never take any antidepressions ever again

I am going through the same thing, I wish I new how long it lasted, I was hoping I could find it on line. I am going to be 48 in September, but I cry for everything now, its horrible.

I hope you found some relief. For me, the "magic" pill was going on bioidentical hormones. Finished 3 months and the crying, sad thoughts have all but vanished. Feel so normal. Better than normal - I don't get PMS anymore either. Good luck to you and thank you for your post.

Dear Iamwithyou,
I am totally with you! I am 48 also and feel like a shell of my once former self. I use to be very happy, easygoing, social, active. For the last two years I've felt myself withdrawing from life. I use to love running marathons and in the last six months it's come to the point where I can't even muster enough energy to walk the dog. I've talked to some women here at work about it and they are recommending I try hormone pellet implantations. I go for a blood test on Monday and then to the doc. I've done my research and I'm going to give it a go. It's expensive -- but I want my ole self back. Hang in there.

Thank you for your reply. I am on week 9 on bio identical hormones and it has saved my life. I think it took a good month and a half and then you feel really good. It works slowly so be patient and don't give up. Also, for depression since hormones were not helping my depression, I started on SJW (st john's wort) and it worked after a week for me. I feel like I got my life back. I am not crying with a doom and gloom attitude. Got more energy and started working out. I can't praise bio hormones enough and SJW. These 2 have literally saved me. I got my sister on hormones and she see mild improvement in 2 weeks since she started using. Good luck to you!

***i meant since hormones were not working on my depression RIGHT AWAY when I started, I started taking st. John's wort and my depression got better in 1 week, even though I heard it could take 2-4 weeks, depending on the person. I was taking it 3x a day but slowly weaning myself off to be safe, even though there is no side effects.