Add Another Symptom To The Pile

Just Add Another Symptom to the Pile

Really…vomiting too?! I’m 41 years old and have been in perimenopause for two years now. Recently, as in the last two weeks, I have started vomiting. Not much, just a little, not projectile.
It seems so strange that every woman on the planet goes through this and yet we all still seem to: make the lunches, clean the house, do the shopping, work, study, walk the dog; treat our family, friends, colleagues, strangers with the respect they deserve and manage to live through the sweats, mood swings, vomiting, headaches and other irritating and unattractive symptoms ‘the change’ has to offer.
This is absolutely crazy!
I try to use the two hours before my children get up to study; but if I have been up most of the night dealing with wet sheets, bouts of insomnia or children peeing their bed, I need to spend my two hour study block sleeping. In my program if you need to differ and exam there a few choices you can select:
1) Course load to heavy
2) Year end at work
3) Something, something…..
I would like to add
4) Suffering from extreme perimenopause symptoms and really can’t get it together

I’m not looking for excuses, I get the work done, but this is a real challenge.
If it doesn't kill me but make me stronger, watch out world!
Mocoismydog Mocoismydog
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

I'm 55 yrs old & still deal with the perimenopause. It's not bad now, but I sure wish I was done. Don't worry, I'm at the end of the scale for age.