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This group has been so helpful to me! Thank you all for sharing your experiences, advice, etc. My doctor is lovely, but she's probably in her mid-late 30's and looks at me cross-eyed when I talk about my strange symptoms. She had me do lots of blood work but didn't even think to check hormones. When I told her that I believe I'm perimenopausal, she did recommend a good endocrinologist. I am 52 and still have very regular periods. I don't get hot flashes, night sweats or feelings of rage - which seem to be "normal" symptoms of perimenopause.

Anyone else have these:? chest tightness, while EKG's are perfectly normal. Numbness in face. Feeling like your legs are weak and going to stop working any moment. Feeling anxious, including getting light-headed, while at church or other places where you've always felt happy and comfortable. Feeling fearful about doing simple, everyday activities - like walking down certain streets, taking a shower. Not being able to watch, read or hear sad or tragic stories. Imagining the worse case scenario in any given situation. Headaches. Fear that every little pain or physical issue may lead to death.

Has anyone else found relief in these ways:? Deep breathing. Praying or quoting scripture. Sipping ice water. Walking outside, breathing cool air. Being touched. Being around other people.

Thank you again for posting your stories.
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Tory - I always was "tough" too - the last person you'd think of as a hypochondriac - I know just how you feel. There are quite a few people on this site and other perimenopause/menopause sites who said they started young - even in their 30's. It is great to have a place like to this to be honest and to read of others who have experienced similar things - so glad for this. Hang in there. We will get through this.... :-)

Lots of people look at me like I'm mad when I tell them I'm perimenopausal saying no chance that I'm too young, that really makes me sad yes I'm young but also didn't ask for these symptoms either instead of support and advice I got frowned upon! Left me feeling helpless not being able to freely express myself and feeling like a hypocondriac always being tired having aches etc. I always thought ME never I won't go through all that I'm tough! Wow surprise! Thank you for sharing your experience, its made my day much easier to deal with!