Heart Palpitations

Pounding in my chest, breathe in ...out! Not working! Feeling anxious about heart beat, the more I try to relax the more worked up I get pfffff! Time for some chamomile tea!
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52 years. Had it - tight chest, heart palpitations, butterfly stomach. And general anxiety disorder related to confined spaces - lifts, planes, public transport. And panic attacks. Under control after 6 mths. .25mg Xanax nightly for several months. Off it for a week now. Just carry .25mg pill with me now as a psychological crutch. Because it's so fast acting I know I can rely on it if I get the feeling! All good. I exercise, eat healthy, avoid lifts and public transport and take .5mg just before flying. Also take a multi-vit/min/herb pill designrd for older women. Xanax is addictive. Take care and good luck. Caroline.

Thank you. For the reply! Glad you've found something that works! I'm not to keen on medicine, I have gotten multivit for woman though and been using it for two months so far I am feeling better slowly but surely! Also cut down on coffee and started drinking more water! Works well! Have a great weekend! :)

Hahaha everyone here's a good one lie flat on a tiled floor! Not only does it cool me down hehe its relaxing too! 5min. And papls are gone :) :)

Thanx I agree the fresh air does help! :). How long does one have these palpitations though? I get them on an off luckily not continiously sometimes with that my blood pressure drops too very difficult to focus on my work! Can anyone tell me how to elevate blood pressure (besides getting angry hahaha). Does anyone else have the same problem or should I go see a doctor?

I'm not sure how long one gets palpitations - but I know they recently started for me (I'm 52) and usually happen when I'm taking walks. They don't seem to get out of control and I just concentrate on breathing deeply, exhaling slowly. I can't relate to the low bp - my problem is the opposite, although it's fine with low dosage bp meds. To raise your bp, could you climb some stairs or do a few jumping jacks??? You could always find some traffic to get stuck in - that always does it for me. :-) haha. Seriously - heart palps, chest pain, etc, can be upsetting - I hope you get through this phase quickly...

Thanx! :) I also get it when I'm walking, I don't have a car so I do lots of walking mine tends to calm down as soon as I lie down! Wishing you good luck with the palps too! Did you ever smoke in your life?

Tory - yes, lying down helps. I never smoked. Since fall of 2010 I've had three EKG's and a stress test (treadmill) and all have been fine, but I still get chest discomfort/tightness - which I believe is hormonal. Have you figured out a quick way to raise blood pressure? That sounds so funny to me, as I'm only looking for ways to lower mine. :-)

Ooooh yeah rise your bp.... Salt and soda water works wonders! Salt being the triger I think! Raising bp! I walk every day all day so. Jogging or push ups etc not going to change my bp! A friend told me that beetroot juice lowers bp! Google the natural remedies! They work to llower it! ! :)

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Chamomile tea helps - take a walk - the fresh air always helps me too.