Hi. My symptoms started in my late 30's and have gradually gotten worse over the years. I'm 44 right now. My periods are different just about every month. Sometimes they are only 2 days, very light, and sometimes they are 7 days, very heavy. During the heavy periods, I have to get off of my feet for a few days. It's really bad. Then, some months,my periods are normal. I get the night sweats and hot flashes sometimes. I'm mostly struggling with anxiety and depression. I'm beginning to recognize when my hormones are out of whack. There are days when I can't even get out of my house. I get acrophobia. Some days I'm depressed for no reason. I cry for stupid reasons. It feels like I'm on a roller coaster. Then, there are times I feel disconnected with myself. I know this sounds crazy, but it's the only way I can describe this feeling. I've never been a nervous person, but now it seems like I've become a worrier. My head is in a fog sometimes also. I hate that feeling. My mother's periods stopped at 48 and my grandmother's stopped at 49. I pray that this will be over soon. Of course my husband doesn't understand. Men can't relate to this. Thanks for hearing my story.
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41-45, F
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The anxiety and depression BY FAR the worst symptoms! Try reading "Hope and Help for your nerves", it really helped me but I'm still struggling :(