Is This Perimenopause...?

I want to stay up at night and sleep all day. I am losing interest in my job. I am irritable and impatient with everyone. I am having fantasies about moving somewhere where no one knows me, taking some job with minimal responsibility, living in a small apartment and reading books. Is this perimenopause...?

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2 Responses Mar 19, 2009

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I have felt exactly the same and have actually moved to a studio, read books and have given up a hugely stressful job, to volunteer while I find a low stress job. I am embracing my introvert side and have no desire for social situations whilst hot flushing every 40 minutes. I am not sure that this is solely depression... I think it is related to menopause. I am happy with my new life, menopause has caused me to change my life, to reduce stress and to get off the treadmill. My brain fades and increased anxiety make full time work a daunting prospect. I love my volunteer job and enjoy people I work with there but can not cope with the dramas and dynamics of most workplaces. I am very happy with my books!

No...sounds like it's depression.