Perimenopause And Herbal Supplement Menozac


I've been going through perimenopause now for about 3 years. I am just about at my wits end. I just want to be my old self again.

I'm so tired of the night sweats, mood swings and the horrible anxiety spells. I've given up on telling the doctors anymore as

they don't really offer much help or sympathy.

I searched on web for some herbal solutions and found something called ­ Menozac. It's

an herbal supplement composed of Vitamin E, Soy, Black Cohosh and Damaiana. While I know I can buy all of these items separately,

I am thinking about giving this a try. It has a money back guarantee and it's all natural plus it's all contained in one pill.

Has anyone ever heard of ­ Menozac or given it try?

Thanks in advance!


SConners SConners
46-50, F
2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Personally I think Susun weed is a better bet - google her & visit her website. I have felt ALOT better since following her advice & brewing herbal infusions - it's cheap & very healthy

Hi Sconners, I haven't heard of menozac but have heard of remifem which you can get at any drug store or even health food store. My gp said I could try it. I has black cohosh in it too. I am also taking a b-complex-50mg, d-3-800iu and coq-10 50mg. They seem to help somewhat especially the b-complex. I too am wearing down trying to find a doctor, the last one I went to was a very young woman who told me none of my symptoms were from menopause or perimenopause and to just take some effevexer and that would help, no thanks! Seems that is all they want to do is write out scripts for anti-depressants and not try to help in any other way. Hang in there I hear it gets better and that is what has kept me going and places like this to vent. Take care Bussard