Well Doesn't This Stink!

Ever have one of those days when for absolutely no reason at all you run from your own home to keep yourself from doing something you'll regret for the rest of your days?

The first time it happened I ran out of my house and just paced my backyard.  I got so scared I called my husband and begged him to leave work and come home so he could admit me into a mental ward, I honestly thought I was losing my mind or having a nervous breakdown. Usually I'm one of those folks who just applies to the take-life-as-it-comes philosophy, a stirctly NON-confrontational type, so having sudden and unexplained fits of rage does NOT sit well with me.

I've finally succumbed to the idea that I just might have to take medication, though I'm still holding out hope that there will be another way to do it.  Now that I've found this group I'm hoping that having other people to "talk" to will go a long way toward that.  I think I'm just afraid that medicating will make me lose a part of myself kind of like turning into a Stepford wife.

One thing I really would like to try is hanging a heavy bag in my garage so I have something to pound on when the peri-rage (that's what I call it) sets in, not to mention it's a great workout.

Any advice would be welcomed with big open arms!!!

Ms. Melissa

MsMelissa39 MsMelissa39
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1 Response Feb 25, 2010

LOVE the idea of the heavy bag to punch! I could use one of those in every room of my house. <br />
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I, too, have had times when I wanted to scream in rage and go AWOL on my kids. That day was yesterday and last night I had the worst bout of racing heart and freezing chills. I had plans to take it easy today and relax a bit, bjut apparently, my kids had another agenda. They had been sent to their rooms several times today. I did so as calmly as I could. <br />
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My thought, why make ME leave the house, make THEM leave the room and hide.