I Have Health Problems Which Leads to Other Problems

I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, irratable bowel, depression, I could go on but you get the point. If you know anything about fibro, you get flairs and the one I'm in started in November. I am always in pain which has lead to depression which has lead to a strain in my marriage. I don't have any friends and feel very alone and don't know what to do. I have no one to talk to. The therapist I saw 2 times was good the first time but the second time she admitted she knows nothing about my desease or long term pain and I should probably be better finding someone else. No on wants to talk or be around me. Just my luck.
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Thanks so much Swatches!

I am here for you sweetie. I too have depression, among other things. If you need to talk just send me a message. I do care about you, and am here for you.

Hi I really feel for you as I too have ME/CFS & FM, degenerative disc disease, asthma, bowel problems (operation to come eventually) and also mental health issues BPD, PTSD, anxiety and depression so I know totally how you feel.<br />
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My husband is my carer and at times finds it very hard. Poor health can be very isolating at times I know that and I know myself I have to try and make a conscious effort to even just get up some days is a challenge.<br />
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I have only just joined the Experience Project last night. So I am new here and the computer matched me to your group amongst others.<br />
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I hope we can be friends. Be well as you can be today!