"broken Down In Agony And Just Try'n To Find A Fan."-sober By Pink

Story of my addiction, and Class A Team would be my anthem..
16 days today..
Feel a depression going on, but not to fear; no dope man 'round here.
Well, probably I just refuse to sniff him out.
I haven't really concentrated on "recovery" more just my relationship with my higher power(whom I choose to be Jesus Christ my Lord and savior).
I am a mere 16 and a half years old.. I can't give up cigarettes and am haunted by the disgusting things I did in my recovery.
So, I moved.
Yes, I know "where ever you go, there you are."
But this gives me freedom of choice, well more freedom of choice.
I would have to sniff out dope man, do some dirty deeds and pray I don't get caught by my very religious role models(the couple I am living with).
Anyways, I refuse to do it.
I have seen enough of hell, why return?
he8myheart he8myheart
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Very cool, if u have Jesus in your life you can do anything trust me

hang in there. it gets better and easier and all the things weve lost in the dope game comes bac to us ten fold wen u do right and advoid temptation. if i can do it so can u. Over 6 months clean now

that is the point "I have seen enough of hell, why return?"
So please don't give the drugs a chance !
You can see my story , I was almost a lost case , when I got out , because 'I have had enough of hell."

Wish you success
Love n Hugs

can't find your story