Has Any Of You Been In Search For That Sweetheart From Your Past And Have You Found Them?

Atfer I graduated from high school, I was excited by the fact that I was free and I could be out on my own. In which turned out pretty good I might add. Then as the years past, there are certain things and situations that came back to me. I remember this one particulr girl that I was head over heals with and we dated. I thought I had the best thing next to sliced bread. When I thought back at the times we shared and how much we loved one another, what ever happened to us? why did we part ways ? to this day I have no idea what happened and I've been searching for her to this day to no avail. My question is, have you been in search of that special friend, boy friend girl friend and how did you go about finding him or her?

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I did meet up with my first love - oh about 10 years or so after we had broken up. At that point, we still had mutual friends so I suppose it was inevitable that we would meet again. <br />
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It was... hmm... "interesting" I think would be the right word. <br />
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It was weird because although there was still a connection between us, and there was still "something" there, we had both changed so much, grown up in different ways, it was like a barrier to us reconnecting and getting back to our old closeness. <br />
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If you get the chance to meet your old flame - do it. If only to see how much you have both changed and grown. Don't be surprise though, if something is not quite the same as it was before.

ok np

we are always in search of our first loves, its that kind of girl that will forever stay in your heart

there are other sights to go to for that, but it happens and it can be blocked if you don't want to be involved with the wares

Ep is broken down into catagories, from friends to lovers, lost and found friends. So its a vast network that covers alot, I get your point unique, thats somting that shouldn't be addvertised when looking to fool around. private messages is away from the main stream so its just between two people.

In a way I'd like to find some people and in a way I'd like them to remember me as I was. So no I'm not looking for anyone from my past.<br />
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Isn't it weird when some people join EP just to advertise their wares. If you want to advertise go to another site, EP's not about that. I've had a few of those people, I just ignore them.

Very true

It doesn't matter if its childhood freinds, boy friend girlfriend, lovers, passions, one night stands that ended up being long term.

whats really nice about meeting up with the ones that have touched your heart in some way, its like making new friends all over again, you get to converse with them about your past and share them. Its a nice way to see if theres any spark left as well.

She actually found me one other time before computers ... we lost touch and found each other again. Yes it was she is a dear friend

Was the visit a pleasant one?

One of my friends from Cali found me recently on Face-book we haven't seen each other since 4th grade and i moved back to Minnesota

Footwearfile, why post an add on my story?