Yes We Are In Search Of Something

hey my name is amanda my hasband name is alejandro we have always talked of another women to be in our marriage not just to have sex with but to love as one of us we feel like were missing somethig in ours marriage we have looked a long time now and we almost ready to give up and got devoiced bc we dont feel like we are whole we talk of having more kids but not ready we still looking for the other women so we can move on with our marriage soo if you might be intereasted send us a message we dont just want one night stands we want someone who is for real about being in our family
amandae7879 amandae7879
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1 Response Aug 3, 2011

hi.. good day, how are you? don't mind if i comment and suggest???<br />
<br />
mmmm..... it's weird, :-)<br />
i just found out you need someone or a share with your husband in the same house?<br />
is it okay for you that situation?<br />
<br />
i guess ... i can only say, why not try find a baby or adopt a child? <br />
just suggesting.... it would be better than to half a share with your husband it might be a conflict soon... if ever, what if the person you were looking for would want to have own family and ask for more (someday) i guess it can't be, but there is possibility... i have witness a situation like that in muslims... one husbands a lot of wives...<br />
<br />
i understand you :-)