Past-life Meditation

Sometimes, I like to meditate and regress to a past life. The first time ever was very weird.

I went through the usual; walking down a cracked corridor, and chose a door to my right. I went through, and I saw a past me fighting. I could smell and feel everything as the room dropped away and I saw my life. Since this was the first time it'd worked, I was a bit anxious. I started seeing through the eyes of the past me, feeling the emotions, seeing other glimpses. Soon enough, things went bad. The me I was in got impaled and killed, and it shocked me out of it. I felt every bit, and everything went white. I opened my eyes and I was sat up in bed, panting. Do try it sometime~
kayvonzombie kayvonzombie
1 Response May 1, 2011

if you are trying to be enlightened. when you meditate don't worry about the past, or future. Focus on your breath. each and every breath you inhale and exhale. be strictly in the present . be the observer. silence your thoughts completely. Another name for this is contemplative prayer. just silencing your mind and all these other thoughts, like your ego, & listening for God.