Xbeing Perfectx

My lyf is basically Ruled by being perfect. I hate It. I get A stars in nearly every single subject. Others just call me geek but I cant help It if i dont Get a good Score I feel Like im Letting Myself and everyone else down. Iv tried to play dumb it doesnt work it makes me feel like
sh*t .

Nobody understands the amount of pressure and stress i go Through for being Perfect. I cant click my fingers and make my work good. It does take hard work. If I do get low levels it really Gets to me. My self esteem lowers alot.

I feel like i cant cope anymore. Its becoming even more stressful for me. One day i Know i will eventually Break down and it Really Scares Me...

I hope i can overcome this because I cant describe in words What being a perfectionist can do to you.... But it Hurts. You cant seem to relax and have fun. Everyones expectations are so high and you just want to make everyone proud. Its so hard trying to live with it because it basically rules your life. And i feel Like i Cant breathe anymore....
XxRubyxXx XxRubyxXx
13-15, F
Dec 2, 2012